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Terms and Conditions

1. In this document, the following expressions have the following meanings: the company means Event Dynamics Ltd, who operates the brand Little Hill Foot.  The client means the person or company who accepts a written quotation from the Company for contracted services.

2. The Company shall use all reasonable endeavours to supply the best possible service using its resources and facilities to best possible effect within any agreed time, price and budget.

3. The Company shall charge such costs, charges and expenses as may be agreed in order to complete the contract. 

4. The company reserves the right to make additional charges incurred as a result of:  Changes and additions ordered by the client after the acceptance of the company estimate, proposal and schedule. Any such charges will be advised to the client either in writing or such other form as appropriate and agreed between the parties.

5. Any expenses not included in the agreed event proposal, e.g. drinks, parking charges etc, settled on behalf of the client by the company will be subject to a 10% service charge.

6. Payment terms: Where event price is below £1500 full payment is required from client upon confirmation.  Where event price is above £1500 a 50% deposit is require upon confirmation and the remaining balance paid 30 days after the event date.

7. Payment shall be made in accordance with the Company’s prescribed terms.  On confirmations and acceptance of the Company’s estimates, the Company will issue a payment schedule linked to deposits / balances that the Company will be required to make to appointed suppliers.  Deposits / balances required under the above schedule shall be payable on the due date notwithstanding the Company’s normal payment terms.  The Company cannot guarantee performance of the Contract should payment not be received on the specified due date.  Payment is defined as “cleared funds”.

8. In the event of cancellation by the Client, the Client shall pay a cancellation charge to take account of the chargeable value of time and expenses incurred including any cancellation charges levied third party suppliers.  Once a booking is confirmed with the Company, the Company is under obligation to the client to supply the agreed services.  If for any reason the Client cancels a booking or reduces the number of participants, the Client will be liable to forfeit any deposit and pay a cancellation fee.

9. Cancellation schedule: over 30 days notice = deposit amount agreed in confirmation.  15 - 30 days notice = 75% of total contracted cost.  Less than 15 days = 100% of total contracted cost.  If the Client changes the original date to another date and gives a minimum of 30 days notice, cancellation charges will be wavered except where third party cancellation cost apply e.g. hotels.

10. Proposals may contain confidential information provided by the Client.   The Company agrees not to convey such information to any third party.  Similarly, the Company’s proposal may contain concepts, notions and designs specifically prepared for the client.  The Client undertakes not to disclose or use contents or parts thereof except with the prior written approval of the Company.

11. Costings are based on the stated number of participants.  Should actual numbers fall below this number, the company reserves the right to make supplementary charges in respect of any fixed cost elements within the confirmed programme.

12. The Company shall not be liable for its failure to fulfil any of its contractual obligations if such is caused by reasons beyond its control.